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king anma 킹안마

Gangnam Massage “King Anma 킹안마 Gangnam Station,” Christmas Advance Reservation Couple Discount Event

King Anma 킹안마 Gangnam Station, famous for its Gangnam massage, will hold a happy Christmas event. People who are concerned about year-end gatherings or special dating places are drawing attention.

Those who are stressed by their irregular lives usually suffer from pain in various areas such as shoulders, neck, and waist. If left unattended, such pain can lead to chronic diseases, so it is important to relieve fatigue through a massage shop. In the midst of this, more and more friends, lovers, and family members are visiting massage shops together to take care of the health of their loved ones.

If you want to have special memories ahead of Christmas, let’s make good use of the extraordinary event held at King Anma 킹안마 Gangnam Station. It is a good opportunity to have a special experience with a luxurious tie massage.

In particular, among Christmas couple event menus, the fatigue recovery course (100 minutes) is the most popular among couples. In the fatigue recovery course, foot spa, oil testing, and foot reflex management are carried out before management. Foot reflex management releases the blood site that was blocked in the body’s organs, activating the main function and relaxing the rigid muscles.

In addition, after tie-type management, oil management and herbal ball therapy are performed on areas where customers want intensive management. As a finishing touch, Indian heads and stretching help customers recover to their best condition.

A company official said, “In most Thai shops, there are many small-scale restrictions on the number of people. However, King Anma 킹안마 Gangnam Station can manage up to 10 people at the same time, so it can accommodate not only Gangnam Couple Massage customers but also group customers. Various group gatherings such as alumni associations, corporate dinners, and workshops can also be used without difficulty if you make reservations in advance.

Meanwhile, all of the terafists residing at King Anma 킹안마 추천 Gangnam Station are veterans of 20 years. It is said to be a “place where you can receive premium management at a reasonable price” as it carefully examines each individual’s condition and manages them according to their conditions. It consists of a variety of group rooms, couple rooms, and private rooms, and it is equipped with a variety of props, giving you the feeling of being at a local premium shop.

Gangnam Couple Massage King Anma 킹안마 Gangnam Station offers a 10% discount on all management programs for more than four people. In addition, customers who make advance reservations can also use the popular menu “Romantic Royal Couple Therapy,” including “Deep Tissue Natural Aroma Whole Body Care,” at an exceptional discount.